Telemedicine in Kenya

In the United States, there is one doctor for every 390 people.  In Kenya, there is one doctor for every 10,000 people, and in Tanzania it is closer to one doctor for every 20,000 people. The availability of local healthcare in rural areas, like the rift valley in Kenya, range from scarce to nonexistent, forcing people to travel long distances to receive adequate healthcare.

Since 2008, students at the Pennsylvania State University have been working on a social entrepreneurial venture in Kenya called Mashavu: Networked Health Solutions. Mashavu is a telemedicine system that enables medical professionals to connect with patients in rural communities with aims to improve:

1) access to pre-primary healthcare,

2) community health education, and

3) socio-economic development through micro-enterprise.  

The Mashavu initiative is led by the Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship program in the College of Engineering and is focused on the East African countries of Kenya and Tanzania.

Please share your ideas of how telemedicine or other innovative solutions are providing healthcare to marginalized communities throughout the world.